Westwood Experience is location-based narrative experience in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, CA.

Should you prefer an easy, cinematic walkthrough of the project, a 5-minute video of Westwood Experience can be found here. Otherwise, please continue scrolling down.



There is no proper long native narrative format for a smartphone. Nokia wanted to promote sales and use of smartphone in entertainment by developing a storytelling format that utilizes the most advanced features of a high-end smartphone and streamlines and enhances user experience in a specific environment with AR affects.



Built a seamless but hybrid experience with a cinematic script and story, video, audio, virtual narrator and computer vision effects that people could follow with their cellphones and get excited on the streets of Westwood.



Some details of the experience

The virtual guide took participants on a tour in Westwood, showed them places and told about buildings and landmarks, and how they've changed.


Users could align a building they saw to an outline of the actual target on their viewfinder, and...


...the magic was there!

The buildings and other objects transformed to their early looks of 50 years earlier. The experience provided a time machine, that's how users perceived it!


Another example was at the Yamato Restaurant:

The climax of the experience was a 360 degree panorama round the central square of Westwood. The view changed in front of the users' eyes, traveling back in time.

Westwood around 1950:

Test users loved to have the scenery change in front of their eyes just with a click of a button.



As a recap, a 5-minute video of Westwood Experience can be found here:

An in-depth article about the project can be found here.

Westwood Experience was a research project of Nokia Research Center Hollywood where I worked as Principal Researcher on Entertainment User Experience. 

My contributions in this project were User Research, Concept Co-creation, Sketching and Design, Co-directing, Editing and Production.