Tongal Voting is the state-of-the-art Mobile Voting app.


Learn more about Tongal Voting, please let us walk you through it.

Or you can try out the clickable prototype (on desktop, works with mouse) right away here.





We helped Tongal, a new, disruptive advertising studio connecting businesses with the creative community, to crowdsource ideas for Tongal’s video projects with a new native iOS app and vote on them.



Tongal wants to launch a native iOS app that allows their community of ideators and content contributors to engage in the idea selection and voting process. Up to this point, they've kept the selection process in house, but are now ready to put that power in the hands of their community.

 Tongal had worked with 2 ""mobile voting"" concepts (5-star rating system and swipe voting) but wanted blue sky thinking from us that would pass the two existing models.

Swiping on iOS is hot, but the convention of online rating is tapping stars. Swiping isn't very granular. With swipe the vote is typically  just "hot or not". How to gather big data as with tapping stars on the scale of 1-5 but still keep the interaction sexy as with swiping?



The real challenge with designing the Tongal Mobile App app were incentives, rating modes and interaction styles. As the app solution is very much about crowdsourcing, extensive user research and testing was required in order to understand the division of opinions in the community between tap voting and swipe voting.

Tongal Voting app maintains both the heat of swiping and granularity of tapping by introducing a "sharp swipe": swipe up to the #star you want to vote for.

Tongal Mobile Voting gives the voter all the comfort and ease of swiping, adds character and perks to the voting while simultaneously securing big user data for the business. 

We did competitive and comparative analysis, we created personas, figured out user stories with our first design iterations. We did a lot of user testing with all our iterations.

   Rachel Park from our team is about to start working with test user Jason.


Rachel Park from our team is about to start working with test user Jason.

After extensive user testing, we felt we'd come up with the right solution. 

A snippet of our annotated user flow (click to enlarge).

A snippet of our annotated user flow (click to enlarge).

How does Tongal Voting work? Let’s have a look. - Or, you can jump straight to the clickable prototype here.

Tracy is an aspiring film director in Los Angeles, and an active ideator in the Tongal community. Tongal wants to motivate and incentivize people like Tracy to actively continue providing feedback and ideas for businesses – and one day, be one of the filmmakers working for them!

Tracy can choose from the project list which idea to vote on and how to rate it.


Tracy can swipe or tap the stars, however you want to do it. As there was no clear winner amongst test users as to the interaction style, swipe or tap, we created a “sharp swipe”: you can swipe up to the fourth star to give 4 stars!

The “sharp swipe” is smart because it also maintains the granularity of the rating which is important for the stats. 

                                                                                             Tracy can also tag the concept. 

It’s fun and again, gives more info to the analytics.






And Tracy gets her little perks for voting.

Tongal Voting app is fun to use and gives good big data for Tongal and the brand. Tracy is excited!

Find out more yourself - try out the clickable prototype here. Behind the link you can also download the app to your own iPhone to get an even more authentic Tongal Voting experience!


We follofed meticulously the proven user-centered design process.

   Task analysis


Task analysis

A round of sketching iterations (click to enlarge)

A round of sketching iterations (click to enlarge)

   Annotated User Flow sketch


Annotated User Flow sketch

   User Testing


User Testing


A 1-pager of the solution, how it came about and its added values for the user and business alike can be found here.




This was a group project with teammates Chelsea Hassler and Rachel ParkI conducted User Need Analysis, Competitive and Comparative Analysis, created Personas, co-operated and iterated on the Concept, did Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping and User Testing.


Tongal’s Head of Product and UX, Scott McDowell appreciated our work and referred to it in his post at LinkedIn Pulse.