"I design delightful digital experiences and always strive to provide interactions and a user flow as simple and human as life itself. Mimicking life in digital design means creating powerful new experiences, that's what good UX design is."


                                                    Juha Hemanus, User Experience Designer



I've designed lifelike interactions all through my career - currently as a UX designer and before that, a UX researcher and an experience and concept designer, and even before that, in analog - as a theater stage director.


Directing a cellphone art showcase in Monte Carlo.

Directing Jesus Christ Superstar in Turku, Finland.


"I believe in delivering digital experiences so delightful that navigating through them is as pleasurable as a performance. In digital design systems perform and experiences are designed on a digital stage. The user is the one who enjoys.


Sometimes what runs an experience is the story beneath it, the way it unfolds, a cool conversational attitude or great visual style of the interface that touches the user - and makes him feel he wants to stay longer and explore.


Great experience design provides a solution to a task with an experiential twist that puts a smile on user's face and makes him want to come back.”


From Monte Carlo to New York to Turku, the world is a stage as much as it's real and experiences are being designed and built as cities are.